Rug Cleaning

We offer our expert rug cleaning, repair, restoration and appraisal services to Michiana, Indiana, Chicago area and Michigan.

A high quality area rug or oriental rug is a valuable investment that lasts generations. With proper care and attention when it comes to cleaning and/or restoration, it will provide you with generations more of use and admiration. Though an heirloom rug may bring a room together, they also take a beating from heavy foot traffic to pets and spills.also The rug’s fibers can get damaged from dirt and soil. After a while, vacuuming just isn’t enough to get it truly clean. The best result to help restore its vibrance is to wash the rug professionally at least once every four years to provide protection for your investment.The wrong method of cleaning might cause the rug to shrink and/or cause fading and delete the natural oils of the pile.

Our knowledge and expertise in proper rug cleaning services are aimed at meeting the needs of each individual rug we care for and to make sure rugs receive the best treatment, preservation and attention. No matter the origin, kind, size, shape, and material, i.e. hand knotted, hand tufted, machine made, kilim, wool, or silk, our skillful staff are trained to work on all kinds of rugs. With much attention they will spare no effort to remove and/or reduce most kinds of stains.

We take pride in expertly hand-washing your rug. Your hand knotted rug is an investment and proper care and cleaning is essential.

Our professional rug cleaning process includes:

● At our warehouse your rug will receive a custom evaluation and inspection- the area rug is checked in, measured and inspected for any possible repairs for discoloration, spots, stains, deodorizing, water damage, urine decontamination, and/or mold

● The rug is thoroughly dusted on both sides to lift away as much accumulated dirt, dust, debris, and soil out of the rug.

● The rug is hand washed on both sides using a mild detergent until all the soap is removed.

● The fringes are washed separately by hand.

● Rinse to make sure all the cleaning solution is completely removed from the area rug and remove excess water.

● The rug is hung to be air dried under a controlled climate.

● The rug is brushed to evenly raise the pile. The fringes are brushed separately. They can be treated as per customer request.

● The rug is then re-inspected and vacuumed before released for delivery or pick-up.

Our customers and employee’s health is our number one priority. Our rug care professionals at all times wear personal protection including masks and gloves when they come to your home to pick-up or deliver your rugs. Our customer satisfaction is our first concern.We look forward to serving you with any related rugs services.

Contact Rug Import at (574) 257-2500 or (888) 257-2502 to schedule your rug cleaning services.  We’d also love to answer any questions you may have! Free pickup and delivery within 25 miles of our showroom.